Our Story

Many moms are frustrated by the lack of sufficient representation in the children’s market, so we created a brand to fill that void.

Anyone can guess that negative representation can hurt a child’s self-image, but many studies show that NOT seeing yourself represented can also have a damaging effect. It can leave a child feeling invisible and unimportant.

Self-esteem is how much you value yourself and how important you believe you are in the world.

Developing self-esteem is an important journey that all children will navigate, however, black boys and black girls are often met with limited representation and a world that candidly AND overtly tells them who or what they can and cannot be or that they are not enough. We created a brand for us, by us to support our mini masters in creating their own narratives.

We are Mini Masters  is here to  support moms in their mission of raising children of color that feel good and positive about themselves.

We are Mini Masters is here to help black children feel seen. We want to celebrate, uplift, and empower them with our confidence-boosting messages. We want them to have a positive ethnic- identity and love who they are deeply and proudly.

It was important for us to go beyond message tees, we knew and understood the value of seeing yourself reflected, it sends the message - YOU MATTER.

 We want to become your go-to brand for all things HAPPY FREE BLACK KIDS!


With Love,

Melonie Brown